Washable & Reusable Menstrual Pads

You will feel great making the switch from non-biodegradable pads for these washable ones.

They are extremely comfortable and eco friendly.

What are these pads and why to make the switch?

Eco friendly washable pads are designed and produced by women in rural India, providing them with a living wage.

- A woman in her menstruating lifetime will generate about 150kg/330pounds of disposable sanitary waste. 1 disposable pad= 4 plastic bags. 1 disposable pad takes up to 800 years to decompose in a landfill and will release the most deadly toxins into the atmosphere (dioxins and furans).

- The disposable pads are bleached, producing dioxins which can cause cancer and other reproductive health problems.

-The long term solution lies in moving to healthier and eco-friendly alternatives such as cloth pads.

-Pad for Pad Program: When you buy an Eco Femme cloth pad outside of India, you give a pad to an adolescent girl as a part of an educational session.

Full Cycle kit contains:

2 Pantyliners, 2 Day Pads, 2 Day Pad Plus pads, 1 Night Pad, 1 Carry Pouch ,

Care instructions/tips. With every Full Cycle Kit purchase, you buy 5 Eco Femme pads for an Indian girl through the Pad for Pad program.


Pantyliners: 3 pieces per pack      € 9..80

Day Pad : 1 piece per pack           € 7.00

Day Pad Plus: 1 piece per pack    € 8.00

Night Pad: 1 piece per pack          € 8.80

Travel pouch                                  €3.80

All-in-One design with 3-7 ultra-absorbent cotton flannel layers inside, breathable Pul leakproof backing & soft cotton flannel top. Closes with nickel-free plated snaps.

Please email me to place your order: [email protected]